2022 Marketing Tech Trends

As we mentioned in the SEO 2022 Trends article, videos are the first word, and it is time for the realm of clips and movies.
Video replaces fixed assets and becomes the cornerstone of all marketing campaigns. Social media and TV broadcasting platforms will introduce new promotional products that emphasize video. Even the retail experience will see new innovations in the use of video to attract customers and increase revenue.

Relationship between digital marketing trends 2022 and video content production

Short Videos At The Top Of The Table

With becoming the most popular social network for short videos, Instagram unveiled its Reels videos  , and YouTube began teaching in the field of these videos. Quick short videos focus on the main point and are popular with young audiences.

Take direct action

It may not be right to say something straightforward in the first place, but by creating integrated campaigns and finding an audience interested in your business, it’s time to act directly.

Use promotional postcards

Postcards are lightweight, visually appealing, and stand out in the mailbox. Direct mail is a way to communicate directly with your customers to their homes, which allows you to target your audience according to location and demographics.

Storytelling techniques in digital marketing

Many businesses are trying to reach an audience by telling their business story, but they have not yet succeeded. Of course, this trend is evolving, and many businesses are working on this technique.
Using this digital marketing trick, you can express how customers will succeed with your products.

The audience is tired

Audiences are tired of hearing unrealistic stories about businesses.
From hearing how you think your products are suitable for consumers and better than competitors.
They want to know how you have fulfilled your promises in a way that meets their needs and expectations.

Solution _

The fact that the audience is tired of these stories does not mean that we should go back and let the comments speak only about to only about us! We also must defend our business and express our characteristics, but we have to be careful to focus only on ourselves and the bad of our competitors (to say that only we are good!). The solution is to tell the story to the audience that the hypothetical customer has solved a problem using our products.

The presentation of the story does not directly sell, but the audience thinks in their minds: “I must try this”.
And it helps if one day a similar problem arises for the audience, they have your brand or product in mind and help you.
This technique helps a lot in branding.

Audience expectations are high

With the spread of the Corona virus in the world and the turn of everything into cyberspace, a bombardment of content has been created in the online space, so that with a two-minute scroll, you will encounter dozens of different contents. So, with these descriptions, the audience is not looking for duplicate and low quality content and has lofty expectations.
Be careful not to fall into the trap of unsolicited accounts!

New privacy restrictions

As mentioned above, the myriad of content in cyberspace, in addition to raising the expectations of the audience, make them more suspicious and cautious not to open any content and be careful about which site they enter.

Transparency beginning or end?

These strictures do not mean the end of data-driven content or marketing, but the beginning of a new era of trust and transparency between the company and the consumer. Be transparent and transparent about what data you collect and for what reasons.
That they are allowed to cancel at any point of your purchase or use of your services and can easily cancel their order. Do not receive unnecessary extra data from the recipient.
By accepting and practicing 2022 digital marketing trends, you will have excellent results and create a memorable experience for the audience.

Personalized content

One of the digital marketing trends of 2022 is creating personalized content for your audience.
Taking the time to understand the platforms your audience uses and how they use them means you can create personalized messages based on any population. This ensures that your message reaches the right audience in a way that is more engaging to them, increases the cost of your advertising, and can increase customer loyalty.

Trust us: It’s worth the time and effort to make your audience feel seen and understood.

Conversational marketing

Communicating with the audience is nothing new and brands are always talking and communicating with customers.

But these days, content has become more conversational, as we said in the Google eat algorithms and SEO Trends 2022 article , with the increasing use of voice search, content and keywords, etc. have become more conversational, and in digital marketing we have to say with the spread of chat bots. They can be done on a larger scale, faster and without flaws than ever before.
This type of interactive marketing is growing on a larger scale and is changing the way businesses interact with their customers. The growing interest in conversational marketing is likely due to changing consumer behaviors, which have been rapidly evolving by technology in recent years (ie, expecting instant, direct messages in real time, whether with friends, colleagues, or corporations).

Having a positive user experience of your brand has a significant impact on the progress of your business, which you can increase by using chat-bots.

Notice the use of the chat bot
Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when using this feature, such as making sure you know exactly what your customer expects and needs so that the conversation does not get out of the way or be useful. Or strictly avoid giving ready-made messages to the user.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Of course, we have fully explained about these robots in another article, we suggest you read it as well.

Artificial intelligence affecting digital marketing

Science is advancing rapidly, and artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly in all areas, including digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is one of the digital marketing trends 2022 that has gained a lot of fans and is expanding day by day.

In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to more intuitive reporting, automation of public marketing tasks such as site traffic monitoring, and increased search engine optimization for organic access. But instead of focusing on what we have already learned from artificial intelligence, it is time to look at the future and its impact on digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence technology can analyze more data faster than we humans do. Because of this, it can use the large data sets it has to analyze its shopping history and customer behavior. Then, you can offer a specific product or offer or even a personal ad.

Using artificial intelligence to predict the next move of the customer means that you can target them with the product or service they need, just when they need it. This type of targeting leads to high conversion rates and it feels like you understand your customers and their needs without affecting them with irrelevant targeting.

We recommend that you familiarize your business with this technology and take advantage of it to grow your business.

Expand Nets and cryptocurrencies

Reputable social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are promoting the use of NET display options and avatars, and in the future, with the 2022 trends introduced, more businesses will be introduced in this direction.

Are you ready for digital marketing in 2022?

2022 will be a big year for advances in technology, marketing tools and forward-looking strategies.
It is difficult to ignore the trends of 2022 and maintaining these trends will be the best way to stay competitive, grow and ensure customer loyalty.

From NET to artificial intelligence and data privacy, technology will continue to be at the forefront in 2022, with every decision you make as you enter the new year, these decisions should focus on your agility, flexibility, and openness to change over time.

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